Captain Cook’s Cottage.


I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Even if I do, I’m not likely to keep them for more than a month or so.

But this year is different, I’m telling myself.

On a trip to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, I went to visit Captain Cook’s Cottage. The simplicity of living in 1755 (when the cottage was built) really struck me.

Inside, the cottage is tiny – three small bedrooms plus a kitchen/dining space. Everything had a purpose and a person’s possessions could be packed inside one little trunk. Now that’s inspiring!

Ok, I know – no electricity, running water or pre-packaged food would have made life pretty hard – but it’s the lack of consumerism that I really admire.

When you have less possessions, there’s less environmental waste and you save money. It’s also easier to find things quickly. And there’s also less to clean. The list goes on!

This year, I want to be a non-consumer. Is there anyone else who feels the same?


Inside Cook’s Cottage.


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